Economics of Ocean Acidification

Ocean acidification has only recently been recognized as a threat for the environment with potentially severe social and economic consequences. The following statements are the major conclusions and recommendations from the second international workshop on “Bridging the Gap between Ocean Acidification Impacts and Economic Valuation.” The objective of the workshop was to assess ocean acidification impacts on fisheries and aquaculture resources in different regions of the world. The regions were artificial aggregations of the fishing areas defined by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Each region spanned multiple political, economic and ecological units.

Testing the water

  Ocean acidification – known as « the other CO2 problem » – is now also affecting the ecosystems of the Mediterranean. The scientific project MedSeA, funded by the European Community, has been studying the impacts of the phenomenon throughout the Mediterranean region for the last three and a half years. The video, produced by Dutch director Maarten van Rouveroy, shows key information, scientific knowledge, and findings of the MedSeA Project, against the beautiful (and endangered) setting of the Mediterranean waters. Testing the Waters is the summit of the MedSeA Project’s dissemination efforts to reach the widest audience possible, in order to […]

Chapter 6 Ocean Systems of IPCC Working Group II on ocean acidification

Extract from the Executive Summary of Chapter 6 Ocean Systems of IPCC Working Group II on ocean acidification Rising atmospheric CO2 over the last century and into the future not only causes ocean warming but also changes carbonate chemistry in a process termed ocean acidification (WGI AR5 Sections 3.8.2, 6.4.4). Impacts of ocean acidification range from changes in organismal physiology and behavior to population dynamics (medium to high confidence) and will affect marine ecosystems for centuries if emissions continue (high confidence). Laboratory and field experiments as well as field observations show a wide range of sensitivities and responses within and […]