Together, let’s give the Ocean a voice @COP21! #OceanforClimate – Sylvia EARLE

The ocean, to me, to us, is beautiful, immense, and infinite. The ocean makes us dream. It is the source of all Life on not only our planet, but our parent’s and our children’s planet. Not so long ago we discovered that the Ocean is our « blue lung ». It produces half of our oxygen, allowing us to breathe anywhere on Earth. The Ocean is also the heart of our climate. It is our planet’s thermostat: with its hot and cold currents, it carries all that is necessary for our climate to keep in balance. However the Ocean is undergoing pollution as well as climate change, […]

#singfortheocean challenge

Are you on Youtube? Soundcloud? Vimeo? Twitter? Do you love to share #covers of popular songs for your friends? Then this challenge is for you! Record your best #cover and help us raise awareness on #ocean #acidification towards the @cop21 Pick a song that mentions #oceans #lemons #climatechange or even go ahead and write your own song! We will be promoting your songs and your messages on what you think you can do to help reduce your #carbon footprint to fight against #ocean #acidification Use your voice for a cause! Here is my cover of Wonderwall #singfortheocean