Ocean Acidification Threatening Many Species

Great educational video about the impacts of ocean acidification and one thing to keep in mind: we are the last generation that can really change the trajectory and save the magical ocean. A few decades ago, dozens of species in Monterey Bay were on the verge of extinction. Today, many of those species are now thriving. This success story is the subject of “Big Blue Live,” a three-night television special that begins on Monday. PBS and the BBC are producing the show, which airs from 8 to 9 pm. Despite the successes in Monterey Bay, oceans throughout the world are […]

Ocean Acidification & Tortugas Tide Gauge

One of the biggest threats to marine organisms is the phenomenon known as OCEAN ACIDIFICATION where because of increased CO2 in our waters, due to the burning of fossil fuels, has caused the ocean to become more acidic. This increase in acidity inhibits the ability for many corals and mollusks, including oysters and clams, in building their shells. This could result in coral reefs eroding and shellfish fisheries collapsing. AND As ocean levels rise the relative sea level rise is different for different locations; that is why the National Park Service is installing a TORTUGAS TIDE GAUGE to monitor sea […]

#singfortheocean challenge

Are you on Youtube? Soundcloud? Vimeo? Twitter? Do you love to share #covers of popular songs for your friends? Then this challenge is for you! Record your best #cover and help us raise awareness on #ocean #acidification towards the @cop21 Pick a song that mentions #oceans #lemons #climatechange or even go ahead and write your own song! We will be promoting your songs and your messages on what you think you can do to help reduce your #carbon footprint to fight against #ocean #acidification Use your voice for a cause! Here is my cover of Wonderwall #singfortheocean